soap box

I’m going to get on my soap box this month and talk about something which has been on my mind
recently and that is, talking the talk and then walking the walk.

As spiritual people we are often asked for our advice on many different aspects of life, and of course we
give it, not only based on our own life experiences, but also because we are often inspired by spirit to say
the right thing at the right time for whoever is asking.

However, I do believe that this also means we have a certain responsibility, not only to others, but to
ourselves, to try and live up to the advice we give out. If we are telling other people not to be bitter, not to
hold on to negative emotions and not to speak badly of others, then surely we should TRY to act
accordingly in our own lives?

I’m not saying we are saints – far from it. Whether they are a medium, vicar, priest or nun, I can assure
you 100% that they will have the same faults, flaws and human frailties that anyone else has. Being a
spiritual person does not elevate you above others in any sense. I think what we should ALL be trying to do though, is be as good as we can be. What that means is being aware of your options.

For example, if someone came to me and said they were upset because someone had written something nasty on Facebook about them, I would tell them to look at their options. They could:-

a) Write something hurtful back
b) Bitch and moan about the person to whoever will listen or
c) Say nothing, calm down and try and to rise above it.

Option a) will hurt someone else (two people hurt now, not one) and will very likely start a war which goes back and forth and cause more hurt. They also have instantly become the mirror of the original perpetrator.

Option b) will involve more people. They probably don’t want to hear it anyway and it will then start a circle of negative energy, which will benefit no-one.

Option c) means that only one person is hurt . It immediately gives them the moral high ground as they are not giving a knee jerk reaction (which is often not the best reaction to give), and if they don’t supply ammunition, then the war cannot continue. They will also look far more mature and dignified to anyone who is interested (and believe me, people generally aren’t).

For me, this advice would be for anyone, but it would be even more important for ME to follow this advice if it were happen to me. How many times on Facebook have we seen so-called spiritual people saying horrible things about others? I was appalled the other day to see racist remarks made by a medium! How can one possibly believe in the “all is one” principle and also be a racist!

However, as I said before, this is not to say that we are perfect or saints, and nor should we pretend t o be. We all make mistakes and we all have our own personalities and natural instincts. I like to swear and kick off with the best of them when I wait in all day for something to be delivered and it doesn’t turn up! That is human nature after all!

That’s the point really. Our “human nature” is why we are here - to try and rise above our base or animal instincts and use the spiritual part of us (the upper chakras) to reason and to act accordingly. Surely then, those of us who help people on their spiritual journey should try harder than anyone, to do exactly that?

I heard the other day, about a medium that had gone up to someone in the street and said: “I can see lots of bad things around you. If you don’t come and have a reading with me, then they will all happen”. This person is not a medium or even on a spiritual pathway. They are using fear to make money – nothing about that is spiritual.

Same can be said about drinking or taking drugs. How can the chakras be anywhere near in balance if you are constantly affecting them with drink or drugs? How can a spiritual person talk about spiritual balance and having a healthy aura, if their own house is not in order?

Have you ever heard the term “schadenfreude”? This is a German expression meaning pleasure derived from the misfortune of others. It’s that satisfied feeling you get when you hear your ex-best friend has failed her driving test again – we all feel it – but we should try and notice it and turn it into a positive thought or even (if we can) send out some love ! How hard is that ??! The answer is very, and we may not be able to actually do it, but we should be aware and STRIVE to improve the way we think. A spiritual teacher should try even harder.

We should even be checking the way we think. If we think negatively and aggressively about others (or ourselves for that matter) we are fostering an environment of negative energy that we are living in. If you catch yourself thinking this way, make a conscious effort to make your thought positive. Change the pattern by thinking about something nice that’s happened to you for example. You will soon see how the positive energy makes you feel better, then you won’t want to think negatively any more !

So I would urge everyone to strive to be the best they can be. Think before you speak or act. Be mindful of the way you live your life – and if you are a medium or spiritual teacher – don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk !

(c) Sue Treanor & Michael Treanor 2011