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Nicky Marshall

The Life of a Spirit Guide is Not an Easy One! By Nicky Marshall

Picture the scene:

You have lived on earth time and time again. You have lived and died in hundreds of ways and learned many lessons. Each time you return to the spirit world you are asked: “So what would you like to do next?” Time and again you reply that you would like another trip please, I had only just mastered friendship, or I want to feel unconditional love once more just so I’ve got it completely. So back down to Earth you trot and start the process over again.

One time however it’s different. The powers that be have a word and say that there is another path open to you. With all your knowledge, passion for life and humility you would be great at being a guide, staying up here and working with someone else on Earth as their life partner, to give them a hand and help them to avoid a pain or two. It sounds like fun, guiding someone else and not having to be there, so you decide to give it a go…

So the day arrives when you watch as your chosen soul to be is born into the world. She’s a little girl, all pink and shiny. You watch as her parents look into her eyes, then exchange a look that says they are completely overwhelmed by the enormity of looking after this new life. You smile as you remember the birth of your first child and send them both an invisible hug to help them on their way.
Your job at first is quite fun, you get to play with your new friend and tickle their toes. Your little girl soul mate talks to you often, especially at play time where you act out all sorts of games. Hide and seek is fun, her parents don’t notice as you waft by them and it’s quite fun being invisible to everyone else. You wipe away the tears at sad times and try to make it easier when she is sent to her room.

As the teenage years come along it gets harder though. Your ward has forgotten where she comes from: a spirit world full of abundance and unconditional love. She has been educated into ‘reality’ and life has got serious. She can no longer see you, she feels pain and thinks that she’s alone. Hormones take hold and you watch as your friend flounces around giggling one minute and crying the next. You have been told you can only help when you are asked to – why can’t she remember your games when she was little? If only she would ask for your help she would never feel alone…

So you watch from a distance and do your best. As a spirit guide you have been given some great tools. You can manipulate energy in a way you could never manage in a body. So you make cars change course when your companion learns to drive. You hide her keys, shoes and even handbag when she’s in the wrong frame of mind to go out. Of course if she’s really determined she can overcome your obstacles and then all you can do is shield her from life a little and hope for the best.

From all your lives lived you know how tough life can be. Guiding is easy when it’s all running smoothly, but you know when you are needed the most it’s going to be the difficult bits. When your soul mate’s grandparent returns to the spirit world you can only watch on as she feels that she’s all alone. If only you could tell her how wonderful the spirit world is and reassure her that their parting is only temporary. You send dreams to show her and watch on as her departed grandparent visits too. In her silent times you always talk to her, hoping that she’ll tune in and hear you. Occasionally a thought gets through and the swell of joy when that happens is huge.

One day, there’s a breakthrough: she really can see you! You talk, she listens, she shares, you help. Day after day you continue a dialogue, offering support, love and guidance. Of course you can’t help with everything and sometimes she forgets she has you and shoulders the burden alone. This can be quite frustrating, even knowing the ‘never interfere’ rule. You allow yourself to bend the rules a little and blow in her face as she’s stomping down the wrong path…sometimes this works and sometimes is doesn’t.

You didn’t realise being a Spirit Guide would be quite like this, but you have one thing that always keeps you trying: next time around you are the one in the body and your little friend may be guiding you!

© Nicky Marshall 2011