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Nicky Marshall

Can Amazing Things Happen to Ordinary People? By Nicky Marshall

If you had asked me this question about 6 or 7 years ago my answer would have been no. Even 2 years ago there may have been some hesitation. However the events of the last 6 months have proved this to be a true yes without a shadow of a doubt!

How many times do we start a sentence with the words, “I wish…”? In our daily lives we are able to accomplish a whole host of tasks simultaneously, like work and raise a family, study, organise and plan…but when it comes to our dreams, wishes and aspirations we feel beaten before we begin.

I have always been full of great ideas, some of which I have made happen and some have fallen by the wayside. It has always made me wonder what has made the difference between success, failure and indifference. Two years ago I had a great idea to combine my existing holistic therapies, training and tarot readings with the sense of community that a coffee shop provides. I made lots of plans, wrote out our mission, spoke to a host of suppliers and really, really wanted this to happen. At the time though I was still taking my daughters to school every day and with other projects decided not to proceed, so assumed this was another venture that would fall by the wayside.

But the idea kept nagging…
So when a local shop came up for rent with the room to do this I decided to investigate and see what happened. 3 weeks later I had the keys and 3 weeks after that The Witches Brew opened its doors, complete with shining espresso machine, therapy room, workshop space and the most delicious cakes around!

So what makes amazing things happen?

Firstly allowing the possibility into your space. So often I hear people say 'I would love to but...’ The existence of that 'but' immediately stops any possibility of a miracle happening and limits future inspiration and creativity. Our sphere of influence then gets stuck around us and any future expansion will be twice as hard. Choose positive language to describe where you want to be, work out how your new plan will fit into your life, how it will feel when you are doing it and most importantly make enough space for your new project. If you want a good social life you can’t work every hour available, if you want to spend your days writing make sure you have a desk free. Use your actions and words as creatively as possible, even if you don’t quite believe you can create the change you want.

Secondly you have to really, really want something, so much so that the best devil's advocate can't put you off your stride. There is always someone to give you 5 reasons why something can't be done, but if you want something badly enough there will also be someone on hand to give you the encouragement you need. Create an image of what your dream will look like, create the feeling of excitement and butterflies in your tummy and feel the smile on your face of completion and success. Sometimes we get tested to prove that we really want to be successful, so don’t get put off at the first step.

Last of all there is one more thing needed: positive energy. If you look for fun, smile at strangers and generally go around with the look of the cat that got the cream then I believe you really can't go wrong! Enjoy your journey, remember each step and take the time to encourage others when you get the chance.

If you start something with all this in mind you will either be successful in your mission, or the Universe will effortlessly replace your goal with a new, more fun and more amazing one!

So what is it that you want to achieve? Do you have a secret desire or wish that you think would be impossible? Start with a blank piece of paper and make a few notes, if that’s as far as you get for now that’s fine. Each day take one step towards your plan, whether it’s telling someone your progress or finding out information from Google. No matter how quick or slow your progress keep the outcome of success firmly in your head.

© Nicky Marshall 2010