By Marq English

This month I’d like to talk about a tool used that may deviate a little from paranormal investigations. I’m talking about the ancient art of Dowsing which can be a very useful tool. This practice can be used to find water, locate missing items and even used by some investigating alleged haunted locations. It might surprise people to know (especially with my sceptical nature) that I’ve been dowsing since the early nineties and find it a practice worth further research.

Many people subscribe to the notion of a network of earth energy lines circumnavigating our planet. Now to most people, mention dowsing and you may think of ‘ley-lines’. This is slightly miss-informed as a ley-line is a straight alignment of sacred sites where as earth energy is a supposedly natural energy current that passes through the landscape interconnecting with these sites like a serpent. Indeed, the late dowser and author Hamish Miller’s seminal work along with Paul Broadhurst ‘The Sun and the Serpent’ (Mythos Press 1989) re-discovered not one but two energy lines travelling across the English landscape now named The Michael and Mary Line. These two opposing male/female energies travel up from Cornwall near St Michael’s Mount right up to the Norfolk coast at Hopton Church taken in such sacred centres as Glastonbury Tor, the great Temple at Avebury and Wayland’s Smithy to name but a few. Hamish also later picked up the flow in St Petersburg.

Since then and with exposure from John Mitchell, there are said to be many energy centres around the globe that can be detected through dowsing. Over the last six months, myself along with a friend have been mapping out the Avebury Complex uncovering (potentially) previously unknown areas. Of course without solid evidence to back up claims, it is always hard to have things definitely verified but people are coming forward to help with this.

Of course, dowsing can be used on paranormal investigations and a way of detecting activity by asking the rods to display positive and negative responses to questions. I have used dowsing on investigations but more interested in detecting any energy lines going through an alleged active location. One particular flow of energy was detected going right through Bolebroke Castle in East Sussex. It traversed the Elizabethan stairway where much activity has been reported and one wonders if there is a connection.

Of course dowsing cannot be proved to work by modern science methods and under tested conditions in the past, it has not held up to scrutiny. I personally have no problem with claims of anything being tested and disproved (hopefully that makes me a good researcher) but with dowsing and the many years I have been doing it – there seems to be something going on that connects us not only with the polarity grid of the planet but with our ancestors as well.

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Marq English