The book of Chilam Balam tells about several prophecies of the different cycles. At the moment, we are in the cycle Kajib Ajaw. This cycle ends on 20th December 2012.

These prophecies warn of the events that are happening now. About the lies we get told, the way in which we restrict ourselves and the obvious false promises by the governments. We are controlled by the system and manipulated by politicians making false promises. There is an economic chaos across the planet. The thoughtless consumption and the harm we do to Mother Earth, is the result of absolute human recklessness. We suffer from the consequences of this in many ways: climate change, pollution, and even worse: widespread racial hatred and intolerance culminating in wars and famines. Prophecies regarding changes for the next cycle are much kinder. It will bring hope and harmony. It will be an era of unity and restoration of humanity.

The 21st December 2012 not the end of the world, but it is the beginning of the new cycle Job Ajaw, what means the Fifth Sun. This new era is introduced by the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator and the earth aligned on the centre of the galaxy. When the sun sets down on 21st of December 2012 it will cross for the first time in 26,000 years the Milky Way and the ecliptic plane. This cosmic cross, which is drawn at the sky, is considered as the representation of the sacred tree, the tree of life, known in all ancient spiritual traditions of the world.

Job Ajaw is the fifth cycle of the Nimahaab, the Long Count, which counts 26,000 years, divided into five periods of 5,200 years. The ancestors called this cycle "the return to the beginning." In the current cycle of the Fourth Sun, we have become victims of our own unconsciousness despite of incredible scientific and technological development. Instead of reflecting ourselves and the world around us in order to reach wisdom, we are destroying our environment. We need to stop and remember what is truly valuable or we will head towards the destruction of Mother Earth, and thus to the whole humanity.

In the cycle of the Fifth Sun, neither the female nor the male energy is predominant, both will be equal. They will support each other and qualities of one’s energy will increase the other. It will be a fifth element: ether. It will connect with the other four elements at a higher level. Fire, water, air and earth are playing together in a subtle manifestation and activate the full awareness in Mother Earth and humanity. The hope is that there will be a cycle of mental and spiritual growth, a cycle of the true realization. If this cycle has solidified, unity will exist between husband and wife, and between Mother Earth and all that is.

It is important to understand that things will not change automatically at once exactly on that date of the 21st of December 2012. We will still be in a time of radical changes. Many elders believe that a notable change will take till 2014.

The Mayan elder Nana Tomasa says that the sun - Ajpu - is tired and wants to rest. The sun will unite for a brief moment with the Earth. This union will bring darkness. For how long, nobody can say exactly. It could be several days, or even just a day or a few hours. Nana Tomasa speaks about trust that we should have during this time. Only through love and trust something can change. She feels that the union of the sun and Earth will happen in the first half of 2013.

Also many other Mayan elders speak of a few days of darkness. Whether this darkness is meant literally or metaphorically, nobody can say exactly. The word “darkness” could also mean negative energy or a disaster. Or a solar storm which is so strong that it leads to a collapse of the already depleting magnetic field of Mother Earth. The most important is to stay centred and balanced during this time, say the elders.

The prophecies concerning the new cycle are clear: All of the cycles do end before the coming of Job Ajaw (not specific on one day) and will be followed by a time of peace, understanding and harmony. It's up to us. Enough of the struggle, who is better as the best! We have to put our pride aside and stop to strive for material gain and accept our fate. We have to be humble and work together. Everybody and all that is, are in a desperate need of change. This is our chance - our responsibility - to help Mother Earth to rise to a higher cosmic level as it is the destiny.

We can learn a lot from the ancient knowledge of indigenous cultures. The knowledge of the oneness with Mother Earth, the cosmos and ourselves with each other must be awakened within us again. Mother Earth is a living being, and we should treat her with love and respect. Many of the Maya, Hopi, Inca and other ancient cultures still do. For example: They ask Mother Earth, for forgiveness and permission before the seeding of their corn; they honor Mother Earth in their prayers and ceremonies.

The Mayan elder Nana Tomasa always spoke to us about the oneness of humanity. The colours of the Mayan Tree of Life are red, black, yellow and white. Nana Tomasa told us that these are the skin colors of the people on Earth. There is no difference between us, even if we have different skin colors and speaking different languages, we are all brothers and sisters, and we should have respect and love each other. Through love and harmony we can all change something and improve the world. We should all reunite and share our knowledge.

We must recognize our mistakes, and then we can solve it. When we attain inner harmony, it will also manifest in the outside. If we find peace within ourselves, we will find peace with Mother Earth, the elements and all that is. Nana Tomasa also told us that it would be very important to revive the spirituality on Earth in Europe and other parts of the world, the ancient knowledge is still there, the fire could be ignited again, when we would do sacred ceremonies and meditations there together, because now is the time of reactivation.

The greeting of the Maya "In Lak'ech" - "You are me and I am you" expresses a lot about the unity feeling of this culture. In order to find harmony within us, it is also very important to accept our fate, to recognize and live our true self within us. Here we should start to be honest with ourselves and look at our inner pain, because that is the only way to resolve it and find our true self. Our lives should not be wasted by denying ourselves in the daily madness. We should stop to play the game of illusion in the matrix we are caught in and go back to a harmonious life.

But we can only live in harmony when we realized our destiny and live this. This is often difficult in the western world. From an early age we are trained to function only. Only good performance is valuable - to be the best.

Since we only learn to be in our minds, we lose the connection with our hearts and thus to our true self. We have no idea that we are moving further and further away from our life purpose. Inside, we feel an emptiness, a sadness and perhaps a longing.

© Alice Beins 2012

Alice Beins lives with her husband and four children at Lake Atitlán in the highlands of Guatemala. It is also called the Maya Heart Land. Guatemala, We were trained and initiated by the Quiché Mayan elder Nana Tomasa as Ajq'ijab – Mayan shamans / spiritual guides. Now we follow our destiny to help others to find their inner freedom and harmony.